Study a foreign language and earn points in Flitto Arcade!

No need to pay anything to learn a foreign language anymore!

Learn a foreign language and get Points!

Improve your language skills through various types of activities.

Points will be given if the answers are correct.

You get free corrections if your answers are incorrect.

Points can be exchanged into cash or used to purchase various goods.

What is Flitto Arcade?
What is Flitto Arcade?
Flitto Arcade is a playground where you can earn points by engaging in various activities using foreign language. Through activities such as dictation, transcription, translating, or editing, anyone can practice and enhance their language skills in Flitto Arcade. You can earn points and use them to purchase various goods or exchange for cash.
Available activities
Various activities are available and will be offered in various formats to provide a more enjoyable learning experience. Depending on your activity, the time for review and point collection may differ.
Enhance your reading and writing skills by translating given sentence.
Check the given translation and edit it yourself if it is inaccurate. You can get points faster if you join in
Dictate the sentences in the given image, video, or audio and submit to earn points.
Where can I use my points?
Points earned in the Flitto Arcade can be used in Flitto store to purchase various goods or for a cash exchange.
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